Dr. Brian Majestic, Assistant Professor, University of Denver Colorado, USA.

Dr. James J. Schauer, Professor University of Wisconsin Madison, USA.

Dr. Regina Nogueira, Professor, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.


            Life member, Indian Aerosol Science and Technology Association.

           American Geophysical Union (AGU): January, 2015 onward


  1. Fulbright fellowship for academic excellence (2016-17): Visiting University of Denver Colorado for 9 Months.

  2. Best journal publication award (2005): The award is given for the publication in best publication in ‘Science’ journal, related to carbonaceous aerosol emissions from residential fuel combustion and impact on climate. This award is from Research Scholar Forum of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

  3. Research Recognition (2005): Following paper was recognized by BBC, ABC news and Hindustan Times.

C. Venkataraman, G. Habib, A. Eiguren-Fernandez, A.H. Miguel and S.K. Friedlander (2005). Residential biofuels in South Asia: carbonaceous aerosol emissions and climate impacts, Science, 307, 1454-1456.

  1. Best poster in international conference (2004): This award is given by Indian Association of Aerosol Science and Technology in International conference of IASTA, November 15-17 at IIT Kanpur, INDIA.  

Student Awards

  1. Best poster award (2013): The award was given to my PhD student Jaiprakash for presenting a poster on “Evaluation of Dilution System for On-Road Aerosol Emission Measurement from Automobiles” by American Association for Aerosol Research”, 32th Annual conference, Portland, Oregon, USA, September 29- October 4, 2013.

  2. Best poster award (2015): The award was given to my PhD student Jaiprakash for presenting a poster “On Road Emissions Measurement from Diesel, Gasoline and CNG Passengers Cars” in Annual conference, Assessing the Impact of Aerosol and Changing Climate on Monsoon and Extreme Events, Gurgaon, India, January 12-15, 2015.  .